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Driven by People & Talent

Driven by People & Talent Logistics is commonly seen as a branch of engineering which creates "people systems" rather than "machine systems". Hence the importance of investing in quality personnel can never be undermined. As a policy we only absorb those people who can fit into our organisation culture where individuals have more responsible roles as leaders and team members. Being a dynamic organisation we nurture talents and always emphasize on skill enhancements and continuous training.

Momentum Logistics is a people driven enterprise. It is where knowledge sharing is as important as skill development. The company values its people and has strong roots in trust and professional commitment. As an equal opportunity employer Momentum adheres to fair HR practices, and only favors those who have talent and an incessant forward drive.

We believe that process quality starts with competent people. We invest in continuous skill improvement as we know that who we recruit and how we train them are critical decisions that have a direct bearing on the quality of our work and the effectiveness of our service. Training also enables people to deliver consistently while adapting to new workplace changes. Training is delivered both in-house (on-the-job) by existing staff and off-site through external providers.

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